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What Makes a Good Facilitator


1. Facilitator asks:

  • What does a facilitator do?

  • How does a facilitator need to do these things to be a good facilitator?    

As people shout out answers, the facilitator records these somewhere everyone  can see.

2. Facilitator asks people to look at the list of facilitator characteristics and write down all of the things they already know how to do and are good at. Facilitator reminds people that facilitation happens with family, friends, colleagues, in the street, wherever you are with other people. 

3. Facilitator asks people to look at the list again and choose 2 or 3 things you would like to be able to do or be better at.

4.Facilitator asks people to imagine a person they know, or have heard of or dreamt of who they think is a great facilitator or an inspiring person and can do these things easily. Reflect on how they do that, what skills or abilities do they have or use to achieve it? Participants make notes of these. 

5. Facilitator shares:

  • The theory is that those things you admire in another person, their skills and abilities are also what skills and abilities that you are beginning to develop, you are on a journey towards having those abilities or doing those things, you may already do them but not be so aware of it.


6. Facilitator puts people into breakout groups and asks each person to really reflect on moments when they might have already put into practice some of these characteristics, to be honest and positive about it and share as much as they want in breakout groups. Other people in the group should support each other to see these qualities in their group members.



Similar to the “Those We Admire” activity, this activity supports people to see their existing qualities as facilitators, helping build their self confidence as well as learn what others consider makes a good facilitator, all of which can inform their own facilitation styles.

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