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Aug - Dec 2020

Coalition building 

Sep - Oct 2021

UN Food Systems Summit and pre-COP

  • Define the questions and steps in the dialogue

  • Prepare supporting material

  • Invite participants 

Dec 2021


  • Consolidate lessons from COP and refine resource pack for future farmer-city dialogues

  • Share lessons with dialogue stakeholders

  • Send out feedback survey to local and global dialogue participants, collect and analyse results

Jan - Sep 2021 

The local dialogues take place

At their heart, the Fork to Farm dialogues are about building relationships for change. Relationship- building takes time, and therefore the dialogues are not a one-off meeting but rather a series of equitable local-led interactions.

All dialogues will be a result of local places and people and therefore follow an organic rather than set methodology. Running from Jan to Sep the dialogues follow loosely follow a shared  process based on a set of guiding principles

Setting the scene

COP26 in Glasgow

  • Share dialogue experiences and action plans

  • Identify opportunity for regional / global collaboration

  • Derive implications for national and global policy 

Nov 1 - 12 2021
Dec 2020

The Glasgow Food and Climate Declaration is launched one year ahead of COP26

Identify geography and facilitator

1-2-1 conversations with farmers and policy-makers

Inviting participants

bringing participants together, asking open questions


Meeting again, acting together

Preparing for COP26

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