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Facilitator prompt: imagine we will invite a group of amazing heroes with special powers to facilitate the dialogues and today we are going to meet them!

Facilitator demonstrates with a colleague and asks:

  • Close your eyes for a moment and think about someone who is an important figure for you? It might be a family member, someone you met, a character in a book, a story, a film, or someone you imagine.

  • Why is the person or character that you chose important to you?

  • What abilities or qualities do they have that make them special?

  • Draw them and write these qualities down.


Facilitator puts participants into breakout rooms in groups of 3 and they do the above xercise, sharing with each other the figure that they chose. Once everyone in the group has shared, look at the paper and imagine that you already have these qualities growing in you, can you see them already? Can you think of any life-situations when you have put some or all of these qualities into practice? 

Talk together about this and help the other people to see that they have these qualities already (even a just a little)


The facilitator brings people back to the main room and asks some people to share their experience of the exercise. You can ask people to share the qualities so you can construct a treasure trove of all the amazing qualities people are bringing to the project!


The theory says that people will choose someone who has qualities that the participants themselves already have to some extent. This is a good way of supporting people to see the talents that they already have and what they bring to the group.



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