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Shared Challenges


Get people to cook a meal together, to find out where their food comes from, anything that you think will help groups get to know each other and learn about the different challenges in the food system.


You can add a competitive element to it and get people to record their journeys.


Then, organise sharing the learning between the groups so that people can learn about different ways to approach the same challenge.



Games have a great way of getting people to work together and get to know each other in a different way.

In the Fork to Farm Local Dialogue in South West Scotland, Abi Mordin got everyone involved to co-create their Recipe Card. To do this she asked all participants to share the ingredients that they would be able to offer from their own farms / small-holdings. From this list of ingredients they collectively decided on a:

Glazed Steak with creamy leek, mushroom and chestnut sauce, served with potato rosti and an apple and rosehip jelly and salad leaves”

South West Scotland.png
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