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Self-organised Swarms


To have a more decentralised sense of ownership it can also be valuable for people to divide themselves into groups charged with specific tasks throughout the dialogue process. You can pre-prepare the groups or come up with them collectively. Everyone needs to choose a group to join, they then have time to self organise around what being in that group means, what tasks they will carry out and how others can reach out to them. For example, you can have the following groups:


  • Managing Space: this group can be in charge of setting up the room as it needs to be, chairs in a circle? chairs out of the way? a bit of rubbish to pick up? You can encourage those who have historically been able to opt-out of these kinds of jobs to take on this role

  • Temperature checks: this group is in charge of being attuned to the energy of the wider group. They can call out temperature checks at any time and lead energising exercises (i.e group dancing, singing, game, etc.) or a calming one (breathing, stretching, etc.)

  • Rounding up: this group is in charge of supporting any stragglers to get to the right place at the right time. They can come up with their own rounding up sound and sign.

  • Communications: this group can be responsible for documenting the event, taking pictures and sharing these on social media, using the right hashtags, etc.



Everyone will form part of a group and will thus be able to take ownership within that group. It can also help give people a sense of purpose within the bigger group.

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