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Questions To Loosen Up

  • What has been your favourite dish in 2021?

  • What is the weather like where you are?

  • What is a home-remedy you used growing up?

  • What shape do you feel like today and what does that shape move like?

  • What is something you are passionate about?

  • What is your favourite kind of shoe?

  • What is the best piece of advice you’ve received?

  • What is your favourite saying and what does it mean?

  • Go and get something blue! (not a question but a fun thing to do to get people moving and a great photo opp when everyone is holding a bunch of random things of whichever colour you indicated)


In the Community of Practice, when we asked facilitators to share something that they were passionate about we took graphic notes, allowing us to create a record of the skills and interest of the whole group.

Screenshot 2022-05-05 at 12.12_edited.jpg
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