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Maps structure the ideas we have of the world. We have chosen to present ours like this to challenge 'North'/'South' connotations and help us open ourselves to multiple ways of knowing and seeing the world.  

Bandung, West Java, Indonesia Global Dialogue Lessons

The  Global Dialogue group calling in from West Java Indonesia with community representatives from

 West Kalimantan, South Sulawesi, Papua, West Java, East Nusatenggara and the Ministry of Cooperative and Small and Medium Enterprise share their experience of the Global Dialogue in this report. 

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Gender, Climate and Food  Podcast

In the second episode of the Connecting Women's Voices podcast, host Catriona Spaven-Donn speaks with Carolina Salazar Daza, Sofie Quist and Abi Mordin about the important relationship between food, gender and the climate.

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Rabai Community, Coastal Kenya, Local Dialogue lessons

Chemuku Wekesa shared the learning from the their Local Dialogue in this report.

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The Highland Good Food Partnership Podcast

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South-West Scotland Local Dialogue Report

Abi Mordin, facilitator shared the process and learning from their Local Dialogue. Click here to read it.

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Reports & Podcasts

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