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Take Ivy Book Pdf Download

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Take Ivy Book Pdf Download

i must share the most touching testimony i received from a mother recently abut one of my kids books. she wrote: my three year old daughter, tianna was with me at the conference and was so excited to meet monica (director of kimi massachusetts) and share with her all of her favorite memory verses. monica rewarded her with a copy of your book the adventures of ivy and god.

this picture book is based on true stories of a little girl, ivy, who learned how to hear the voice of god. ivys mother taught her how pray and listen to the holy spirit. from the time she was only two years old, god took ivy on many adventures in prayer. boys and girls can learn to do mighty things for god just like ivy did. topics include: grandpas eyes, ken & barbie prayer meetings, hamburger intercession, visions of china, bike riding dreams, joey heals his aunt, and learning how to hear gods voice.

this book has a lot of different styles of writing and illustrations. most pages have two or three versions of the same photo or illustration. some pages include a little dialog. there is even an appendix with questions and answers for discussions. the appendix with the question is great because it gives you a sample of how the book can be used in a discussion. my son loved that. he was interested in the book mostly because of the talking part. he has been writing letters and sending them to friends for a long time. i know his friends will enjoy reading the letter he wrote for his friend, danielle. the letter he wrote for his friend at school was about his favorite toy, a hamster. my son can get pretty mushy when he talks about his favorite things. this book is a great teachable moment for him. the bible verse he memorized for his friend danielle was this:i will serve the lord with a gladness, with joy, and with singing.this is an awesome and fun book about a little girl who listens to god talk to her. it talks about the joy god can give. - 3d9ccd7d82


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