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Nintendo President: €?we Must Keep Up’ With Cloud Gaming Tech Fixed

Speaking during Nintendo's latest financial results, president Shuntaro Furukawa commented on cloud gaming, noting how the technology is advancing steadily and how in the future it will become a viable method to deliver games to consumers. The Japanese company will keep with changes in the industry, but it will not put its core values aside, as the value of traditional hardware and software will even increase after cloud gaming and subscription services will become more widespread.

Nintendo president: ‘we must keep up’ with cloud gaming tech

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Nintendo's stance on the matter is hardly surprising, considering how well the Nintendo Switch is selling. At the same time, the Japanese company has always been at the forefront of gaming innovation, so it will be very interesting to see how they will adapt to cloud gaming becoming more popular. The company already started experimenting with cloud gaming with Resident Evil 7 Cloud Version, which is only available in Japan for Switch, so Nintendo is definitely getting ready for the new era of game streaming.

Last month, Nintendo of America's former president Reggie Fils-Aimé predicted cloud gaming would take off over the next decade as technology steadily evolves and download speeds increase. Obviously, right now, the video game industry is still in the earlier experimental phases with projects like Microsoft xCloud and Google Stadia.

What does Nintendo's current global president Shuntaro Furukawa think about the idea of cloud gaming, though? He was recently asked during an interview with the Japanese publication Nikkei if he thought this new technology would result in the demise of "expensive" and "dedicated video game hardware" like the Nintendo Switch.

This isn't necessarily the first time the president has shared his thoughts about cloud gaming. Speaking to investors at a Q&A last March, he revealed how he believed Nintendo's current business of integrated hardware and software would increase in value in the future, despite advancements in streaming technologies.

I wouldn't say that we should get rid of dedicated consoles but I'm all for looking into Nintendo cloud gaming. Imagine they release games where you have a cloud option to run the game with better specs.

Cloud gaming only has so much storage. If the clouds are full of rain, hail or snow then there's not a lot of space left for storing games. I wonder how the people that came up with cloud gaming and how they figured out how to store games in a cloud.

Still, cloud gaming is the future, as far as I'm concerned. I understand people not wanting to leave physical mediums but I don't see why we can't do both. Maybe have an option to play your game in the cloud if you own it already, like, you bought a Mario game and you have the option to play it in the cloud with even better settings.

@dres lol calm down bud. I'm not fooling anyone and am aware of the pros and cons of both as I've used them quite extremely last couple months. Yes, strictly from a technical standpoint Stadia is ahead but in many other ways Xcloud is better even at this point. Games selection, achievements, controller options, confidence of knowing that I won't be abandoned in a couple years, as well as others. Personally there was input lag initially when I tried xcloud but haven't noticed it at all recently. Looking at what both offer at this point in time I personally would recommend X over Stadia. In addition naming conventions aside, realistically speaking one would be hard pressed not to call Stadia in its current form a beta as well with so many missing features.

Very sensible and level-headed take here. Cloud gaming is definitely not ready now, the Stadia proved that. But maybe with improvements in technology, it can work. They should definitely prefer to stick with traditional physical media, but they're keeping their options open in case they're forced to move in this direction.

@Kirgo Shadow and cloud gaming in general are the same thing though. You're sending your inputs and they are sending you a video of what's going on. I can say from experience with shadow that they managed to get input lag so low that it's fighting game viable. That's pretty exciting stuff right there.

You see, you also need to take into account the incentive for people to migrate over to or get excited about using services like Stadia, when right now they actually CAN have superior graphics, either on their high end gaming PC, or on console with either of the two premium models of Microsoft and Sony's consoles. That's real world, and that is the same across the board for all owners, as previously mentioned, so it's a solid value. High end cloud gaming isn't. Well, not yet anyway.

I must ask you all here to stop putting any money into cloud gaming. please!!!!Apart from availability I only see one winner with cloud gaming, and it is not the consumer, not for one minute. You are just helping to create a more profitable market place for the companies.

"We must keep up with such changes in the environment. That being said, if these changes increase the worldwide gaming population, that will just give us more opportunities with our integrated hardware and software development approach to reach people worldwide."

"I think that cloud gaming will become more widespread in the future, but I have no doubt that there will continue to be games that are fun because they are running locally and not on the cloud. We believe it is important to continue to use these diverse technical environments to make unique entertainment that could only have been made by Nintendo."

For Xbox One users, cloud gaming also allows you to play some next gen games on the Xbox One console you already own. This means select games that are currently only playable on Xbox Series XS, like Recompile, The Medium, and The Riftbreaker, are now playable on your Xbox One with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and cloud gaming. We will also continue to support this capability and expand our cloud game library to include more next gen games like Microsoft Flight Simulator in early 2022.

We are in a state of change in the gaming scene because it is growing exponentially. Old and new gamers today expect more than ever that they can play games of their choice anytime, anywhere and on any device. With the growing rise in streaming platforms such as Netflix, it is no wonder Google has announced Stadia, and at the end of last year, Xbox announced their cloud gaming platform Xcloud, which will enable gamers to simply download their last gameplay and continue from where they left off. However, more investment is needed by governments and businesses globally to ensure ultrafast internet connections are possible so as not to decrease the gamers experience; as I am sure we have all experienced the terrible buffering screen during an intense film. So what does this mean for HyperX? Well, we will continue to listen to the community and grow towards supporting them play to the best of their abilities, whether it be online with friends or against AI technology, which will no doubt become an increasing trend across not just gaming but all technologies.

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