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Maharathi Tamil Movie Download Dvdrip Torrent __FULL__

Maharathi: A Hindi Thriller Dubbed in Tamil

Maharathi is a 2008 Hindi crime drama mystery film directed by Shivam Nair and starring Paresh Rawal, Neha Dhupia, Naseeruddin Shah, Boman Irani and Om Puri. The film is based on a Gujarati play of the same name by Uttam Gada. The film was dubbed in Tamil as Kuppathu Raja and released on YouTube in 2019.

Maharathi Tamil Movie Download Dvdrip Torrent


The film revolves around a street-smart chauffeur named Subhash Sharma (Paresh Rawal) who partners with his late employer's wife Mallika Adenwalla (Neha Dhupia) to pocket a hefty insurance claim after the latter's husband Jaisingh Adenwalla (Naseeruddin Shah) commits suicide. However, they face many obstacles and twists as they try to outsmart the police, a lawyer and a blackmailer.

Maharathi received positive reviews from critics and audiences for its gripping plot, witty dialogues and stellar performances. The film was praised for its clever screenplay that kept the viewers guessing till the end. The film also won several awards, including the Best Screenplay Award at the Screen Awards and the Best Supporting Actor Award for Boman Irani at the Stardust Awards.

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The film is full of suspense and twists as Subhash and Malika try to fool the police, led by ACP Gokhale (Om Puri), who is investigating Jai Singh's death. They also have to deal with AD Merchant (Boman Irani), who is Jai Singh's lawyer and friend, but also has a hidden agenda of his own. Subhash uses his wit and cunning to manipulate everyone around him and get closer to the insurance money.

However, things take a dramatic turn when Malika dies in a car accident while trying to escape from Subhash. Subhash then decides to use Malika's death as an opportunity to claim the insurance money for himself. He stages a fake murder scene and tries to frame AD Merchant for killing Malika. He also convinces Swati (Tara Sharma), a young woman who works at an ATM booth, to pose as Malika's sister and help him get the money.

But Subhash's plan is not as foolproof as he thinks. He soon realizes that he is not the only one who is playing a game of deception. He discovers that Jai Singh's suicide was actually a murder orchestrated by Malika and AD Merchant, who were having an affair. He also finds out that Swati is not Malika's sister, but AD Merchant's daughter, who was sent by him to spy on Subhash. Subhash now has to face the consequences of his actions and deal with the unexpected twists that await him.

The film reaches its climax when Subhash confronts AD Merchant at his office and reveals his plan to him. He tells him that he has planted Jai Singh's gun and Malika's blood-stained clothes in his car and has informed the police about it. He also tells him that he has bribed Swati to testify against him and claim that he killed Malika. He then demands AD Merchant to sign a document that transfers the insurance money to Subhash's account.

However, Subhash is shocked when AD Merchant reveals his own plan to him. He tells him that he knew about Subhash's scheme from the beginning and was playing along with him. He tells him that he had hired Swati to act as Malika's sister and spy on Subhash. He also tells him that he had switched Jai Singh's gun with a fake one and had removed Malika's clothes from his car. He then shows him a video recording of their conversation and threatens to expose him to the police.

Subhash realizes that he has been outsmarted by AD Merchant and tries to escape. But he is caught by ACP Gokhale, who arrives at the scene with his team. ACP Gokhale tells Subhash that he had been tracking his movements and had found Jai Singh's body in the freezer. He also tells him that he had found out that Subhash was involved in several other crimes and cons. He then arrests Subhash and takes him away.

The film ends with a twist when it is revealed that ACP Gokhale was actually working with AD Merchant and was helping him to get rid of Subhash. AD Merchant thanks ACP Gokhale for his help and gives him a share of the insurance money. He then calls Swati and tells her that their plan has succeeded and that they can finally be together. He also tells her that he loves her and asks her to marry him. Swati agrees and says that she loves him too. They then hug each other and celebrate their victory. c481cea774


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