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This can include tutorials, product reviews, advice articles, personal stories, and more. In your beauty blog, you can share makeup tips such as how to use makeup brushes or how to make makeup trends.

The beauty blog can include information about makeup collection, makeup bag(s), makeup brushes, skincare tips, nail art tutorials, skin tone, style hair extensions, glowing skin, skin type, Halloween-inspired makeup, and all makeup tips.

Helmed by two hosts Rowena Tsai and Felicia Lee, Beauty Within is basically online beauty school for skincare enthusiasts. Thanks to their opposing skin types, they offer an array of solutions and suggestions for everything from acne and hyperpigmentation to dehydration and fine lines, delivered through educational skincare reviews, customised step-by-step regimes, and cute infographics with lengthy captions that explain ingredients and skin conditions in-depth in fun, easily digestible formats.

A comprehensive resource for makeup enthusiasts of all skill levels. Product reviews go over new and classic beauty products, while photo and video tutorials explain how to achieve the latest trending looks.

Beauty tips and product reviews from insiders and industry professionals geared towards the average modern woman. Articles cover all things beauty, from haircare to skincare, as well as diet, fitness, and wellness.

Online storefront for the widely known beauty supplier. Offers information about a wide variety of products, including new releases and old favorites, as well as buying guides and interactive quizzes.

The online face of the popular, long-running fashion magazine. Touches on all things beauty, including tips and tricks on makeup, skincare, haircare, and fashion as well as the latest celebrity style news.

Honest reviews of popular beauty products in the UK and beyond. Covers hundreds of brands and products, from perfumes and fragrances to high-end makeup lines, and offers the pros and cons of each.

Covers breaking news in the world of health and beauty, including the latest product launches. Includes product reviews along with how-to articles, tutorial videos, and information about whole-body wellness.

Beauty tips and advice from industry professionals and expert contributors focusing on skincare, haircare, nail care, and makeup. Interactive questionnaires and giveaways of samples of trending new beauty products.

Weekly product reviews and webisodes show the best available deals on health and beauty products. Posts cover sales and giveaways including high-end and luxury names in skincare, hair, fragrance, and makeup.

Updates on the latest in the fashion industry, including new deals and giveaways for popular products. Articles offer practical tips for health and fitness enthusiasts, along with makeup and hair care advice.

Articles and advice covering the latest trends in skincare, haircare, and makeup with reviews of the latest popular products. In-depth interviews with industry experts also offer professional tips for beginners and experts alike.

Famous makeup artist Lisa Eldridge shares tips and tricks from working with A-list stars and world-renowned models. Videos, photos, and articles cover the latest news along with tips and tricks for the average woman.

Professional beauty tips adapted for the modern woman and her hectic lifestyle. Thousands of easy-to-navigate tutorials and product reviews make high-end techniques accessible to those with time and budget constraints.

-blog/Makeup and skincare advice from seasoned experts in the beauty field. Articles cover tips and tricks on how to use different makeup products along with interactive quizzes and beauty guides.

Articles covering all things fashionable for novices to the world of beauty. Easy to navigate tutorials and product reviews offer the latest tips and tricks for achieving trending looks in hair, nails, and makeup.

Fashion and beauty tips with a focus on high-end makeup, fragrance, and skincare brands. Includes in-depth product reviews and beauty tips along with lifestyle and travel advice for makeup enthusiasts.

Fashion and lifestyle advice from internationally renowned makeup artist Wendy Rowe. Articles and videos cover the latest in health, beauty, and style as well as healthy eating and overall wellness.

Former model Ruth Crilly uses her insider knowledge of the fashion industry to bring the average women tips on beauty and style. Features a special focus on health and wellness, particularly at home and with family.

Articles in the style of an online diary offer a candid and in-depth look at beauty, fashion, and lifestyle products. Much of the advice is tailored towards mothers and families looking to keep healthy and fit.

Internationally qualified aesthetician Caroline Hirons offers expert advice on beauty with a special focus on skincare. Articles advocate a lifestyle centered around wellness, including a healthy skin regime.

Promotes healthy, natural beauty with a special focus on skincare solutions and foundational makeup. Includes reviews of top skincare lines, self care and DIY advice, and articles about healthy living.

If you are a beauty blogger or you work with beauty products and demo them in Facebook lives, you will want to make sure to have a good arsenal of tools to help you look like a pro. Having the right tools can help set you apart from the rest of the crowd, which we know is HUGE!

So, in light of this, I have rounded up the best of the best. These are all products I own and LOVE. You might be asking, why do I know anything about this Because for the past year and a half, I have been a rep for a network marketing cosmetics company and have done hundreds of live Facebook demos. I have trialed and error-ed and am ready to pass the torch to the next beauty star and hopefully, these products will give you the best chance at getting noticed.

They put out an incredible amount of soft white light that is perfect for doing your makeup or casting light for videos. To dim them, just hold down the power button and they will dim down to whatever level you need. Crazy easy to set up and use.

Beauty editors, influencers, and bloggers are fortunate enough to get their hands on tons of products. It sounds amazing, but it can be overwhelming to keep everything in order. Some, like myself, are still figuring out the best way to keep everything organized (a lot of my products, unfortunately, just sit in bags for weeks at a time). But there are others who are on top of it and have a proper place for every eyeshadow, lipstick, and hairbrush. SELF talked to 10 of the most organized beauty experts around to see exactly how they keep their stuff in order. Scroll through these pictures to see all the ways these ladies keep their makeup organized, including the must-have tools they use to keep their collection in order.

In high school, I started seeing girls who look like me on TV. And even though there was still a scarcity of Asian celebrities I could name, I considered it a victory. I started feeling like progress was being made. A few years after that, I discovered YouTube and social media, and in the process, found an entire community of beauty bloggers that made me feel truly represented.

In many industries, people of Asian descent are often silenced and marginalized. I think of the beauty bloggers I watch as forces of positive change, broadening ideas of representation to their hundreds of thousands of followers. This generation of celebrities is one I can get behind because I see the work they're doing to encourage young people to follow their dreams. Although there's no doubt that representation can still be improved within the beauty industry, it's empowering to see these influencers earning recognition for their work and claiming the spotlight.

It makes sense to start off with the OG beauty guru, Michelle Phan. After recreating two Lady Gaga makeup looks that catapulted her into the spotlight, the Vietnamese entrepreneur became a must-watch for makeup tutorial-lovers everywhere. Nowadays, she's stepped back from making YouTube videos and is concentrating on the business side of the industry: She founded beauty subscription box Ipsy, as well as her own makeup line called Em Cosmetics.

The Filipino blogger is arguably one of the most recognizable YouTubers around, with over 4 million followers on Instagram and almost as many subscribers on YouTube. He has two collaborations with MAC Cosmetics under his belt, and has featured former Miss Universe (and Miss Philippines) Pia Wurtzbach on his channel. Patrick's glitter-dusted makeup looks and open personality have resonated strongly with his followers, making his videos a joy to watch.

The Vietnamese blogger is not only known for her fierce makeup looks and colorful hair, but also for her work as a transgender activist. She previously posted a video to YouTube entitled "I Am Transgender" that went viral in late 2015 and resonated strongly with her fans. Since then, she has become an activist for trans rights in the beauty industry, amassing 2.2 million followers on Instagram in the process.

Often referred to as the "Human Chameleon," the Nepalese vlogger is known for her jaw-dropping transformations. She's used makeup to turn herself into superstars like Ed Sheeran, as well as cartoon characters including Betty Boop and Darla from Finding Nemo. Fun fact: She's also Michelle Phan's sister-in-law.

After starting on YouTube and Vine as a meme-maker and comedian, the Filipino influencer expanded his repertoire into the beauty realm. Bretman's hilarious personality, plus his knack for creating over-the-top photos, has struck a major chord with his 9.5 million followers on Instagram. Just this year, the 19-year-old collaborated on a highlighter palette with Morphe that pays tribute to his Hawaiian roots.

Heart's YouTube channel, which is home to over 2 million subscribers, features everything from skin care to nail art, but she's best-known for her hair tutorials. Born and raised in the Philippines, she moved to LA to pursue her passion for beauty. She has since released collaborations with e.l.f. and BH Cosmetics (that her fans definitely appreciated). 59ce067264


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