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Hiren Boot Cd 11.5 Download !LINK!

Download File -

Hiren Boot Cd 11.5 Download !LINK!

Next, it's time to get down to the good stuff. Hiren's BootCD (short for Happy to see you), is a free boot disk that allows your computer to run Linux, Microsoft Windows and various other operating systems. What makes this boot disk different from the other ones is its ability to go into a "Live environment". The program is one of those boot discs that comes with all the drivers and software you need installed right on the boot disk, and no disk changes are needed to be performed. Just insert a DVD or a flash drive, and run the program. No matter what happens, you're still capable of running the OS you want to run from the boot disk. It's almost like a dual boot, where you can choose between running Windows or Linux. The boot disk is fully capable of running two operating systems.

If for any reason you want to fix the OS or problem, Hiren's BootCD is capable of doing so, without the need to install anything. To see if the OS was damaged in some way, simply insert the Boot CD, reboot your computer and run an update on the operating system. If that fixes your problems, you can just shut down and boot the computer normally to finish the installation, however if that doesn't work, then its time to head back to the boot disk. If you choose to boot from the Disk, simply restart your computer and run the ISO that you downloaded in the first step. If the boot disk doesn't detect the operating system on your computer and Windows is the only operating system on the computer, then you need to go to the BIOS settings and make sure that the option on your boot order was set to "USB FDD or CD drive". At this point, insert the boot CD and your computer should start booting up. 3d9ccd7d82


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