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After Peeta finishes his speech, Katniss gives her own impromptu speech to honor Thresh and Rue, thanking them for their help in surviving the Games and thanking the district for the bread they sent her. The crowd responds by silently giving Katniss the three-finger salute she does in their honor, which is viewed as an act of rebellion by the Peacekeepers. They shoot an elderly man who whistled Rue's four-note mockingjay tune, which causes unrest amongst the crowd as Katniss and Peeta are forced inside the Justice Building. As the Peacekeepers crack down on the crowd outside the Justice Building, Haymitch orders Katniss and Peeta to follow him to the dome at the top of the Justice Building. There, he interrogates Katniss and Peeta for answers on what happened outside, after which Katniss confesses to her meeting with President Snow and the unrest in the district to Peeta. The revelation angers Peeta, who berates both Haymitch and Katniss for keeping him in the dark, before further admonishing Haymitch for his lack of sponsor support during the 74th Hunger Games. Haymitch tells Peeta he will be fully informed going forward, and once alone with Katniss, admits to her that he did chose to solely support her in the Games when asked. The two then depart for the dinner held in their honor by the district later that evening.

Brothers in Arms: Part 3 full movie hd 1080p



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