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FilmConvert Pro 2.5 For Final Cut Pro

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FilmConvert Pro 2.5 For Final Cut Pro

FilmConvert Pro 2.5 for Final Cut Pro, is yet another innovative update to an already powerful and versatile color grading tool. Over the years, Color Grading has become increasingly popular amongst artists and editors, and FilmConvert Pro 2.5 is no exception. With multi-profile support for DR-Log, Gamma LUTs, and other industry-standard tools, colorists have more ways than ever to get to their final look. What's more, with a couple of Export Options for Adobe’s Premier Pro CS6,in addition to the best-in-class Cineon emulation on the market, FilmConvert Pro 2.5 for Final Cut Pro can do all of this with one easy to use program. So what are you waiting for?

Almost overnight, DI made film look like it had come back from the dead, and people were flocking back to old-time staples like high-quality Polaroid, that had until then fallen out of favor for the digital age of film production. Today, it's almost impossible to find a feature film, television production, or commercial shoot that isn't using digital cameras, monitors, and hard drives to store the final product.

What started as a purely artistic pursuit and a way to control and optimize the look of a filmic image in post-production has since positively transformed the way we capture, store, edit, review, and distribute our own and others’ content. As the industry jumped on board, the sales of film emulating LUTs exploded in to a sale worth over 200 million a year. Companies like Cineon Digital's Emation line offered a downloadable 20-bit 10-band LUT FXT file, or other cinema-generated film stock created using RGBCMY and REC2020 color science norms. d2c66b5586


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