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DriverPack Solution 130317 Final Driver Packs 13034 Full Edition !FREE!

Download :::

DriverPack Solution 130317 Final Driver Packs 13034 Full Edition !FREE!

driverpack solution (dps) now supports the latest intel processor family and microsoft windows 10. gpu driver for windows, igpu and vram diagnostic toollet can be added to system bios and os. unfortunately, the new feature allows you to change the keyboard layout without entering the bios. however, you can change the language using this new function. please use the above link to update my bios. my bios is f15.

on the right side of the upper screen, a new button "add/remove driver pack" appears. in the right panel, there is a long list of driver packs. click "add" or "remove" and then you will see the screen below. to install new drivers, select "add driver pack". there is a very powerful feature called "single driver package". in this mode, if one of the current installed drivers is incomplete, the system will be forced to install that driver. however, if the driver is missing, the system will install all of them at the same time. you do not have to make sure all of the driver-downloading process to finish.

for windows 10, this solution adds a new smart theme: crystal with a novel vibrant and high quality, it is also a modern look and bright, which suits to your needs. it has many functions in itself. for more information, please visit the following link.

despite these improvements, in order to maintain the compatibility with the previous versions of windows, the full range of fix packs was only released for windows 7. hence, the dps 16.0 is only compatible with windows 7 and windows 8.0, and windows 10 is incompatible, unless a special workaround is used. 3d9ccd7d82


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