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Before the first session email participants asking them to prepare a ticket (a small piece of paper / cardboard) with the following:

  • Your name 

  • What is a hope you have for your dialogue?

  • What is a fear you have?

  • What is one thing you are good at?


Introduction from facilitator:

  1. Are you ready to start talking about food, and farming with yourself, with others and in the wider community?

  2. As you do this you will discover things about yourself, your team and your community; invisible and unknown treasures will emerge. You will learn about how everybody, with no exception, brings valuable things to the conversation. In some moments we will also meet difficulties, doubts will come to us, they will try to stop us from achieving our that point, all of your strength and mutual support will be needed!

  3. So let’s start!


Sharing the ticket

  1. Take your ticket, we will be putting you into breakout rooms to meet one other person for 4 mins. Take 2 mins each to share what is on your ticket. 

  2. We will change the breakout rooms and you will do the same with another person

Note for facilitator: depending on numbers you can do this a few times, 3 is a good number


Making connections

Back in the main room imagine you have a talking stick/pen, the facilitator starts by introducing one of the people they met in the breakout rooms, sharing something they learned about this person. Then they pass the talking stick/pen to that person so they introduce someone they met and pass the talking stick/pen to someone else until everyone is introduced.

Facilitators can then invite people to think about who they met and what conversations they would like to have with them and to also think about who they didn’t meet and the networks of interests that are emerging along with the amazing skills, talents, hopes, dreams and fears we all have.


This is a way for all of those involved to meet each other as people with hopes, fears, and talents. It is a great way to get to know each other beyond pre-assigned identity categories such as “policymaker” or “farmer”. Think about it, how does your perception of someone, or the possibilities for conversation change once you find out you share your favourite childhood book?


Getting to Know Each Other

In the Fork to Farm Local Dialogue in the Borders we used the ticket activity so that at the end we had a collection of the skills of everyone in the room.

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