The Global Dialogue

A day without speeches

We warmly welcome you to this movement of people building local relationships for healthy and resilient food systems.

As a day without speeches, the Global Dialogue is an opportunity to make meaningful connections. It is a day where every attendant is an active participant, where everyone will be able to learn, share and contribute as we move together towards sustainable food systems.

We believe that for a transition to more sustainable food systems, change needs to happen at a local level through a process of relationship building.

Locally, people involved in food systems need to meet each other as people, to build trust between themselves and to feel seen and heard by each other.

Following the Local Dialogues framework and principles, the Global Dialogue will not be like a conventional conference. Instead, it will provide a space for food systems actors to meet each other as people. To learn about each other’s hopes, fears and dreams for sustainable food systems.  Like the local dialogues, this event will not be about coming up with a specific set of actions, but about opening up the space for conversations.

To make sure that everyone feels comfortable contributing, we invite you to carry out some of the relevant preparatory activities in our Global Dialogue Starter Pack.

Get started!