The Rabai Community Dialogue

The Rabai Community dialogues take place on the Kenyan Coast, bringing together policymakers from the county governments of Mombasa and Kilifi, and indigenous farmers from the Rabai community. These farmers, Kaya elders, women and youth hold rich traditional knowledge. These dialogues are a channel to promote indigenous food systems which play a critical role in enhancing community resilience to climate change and addressing the ongoing health crisis. You can learn more about the accompanying recipe and its background here.

Chisombo is a staple dish of the rabai community, prepared in this instance to welcome policymakers for a dialogue session.  This video shows the process of making chisombo on the day, from root to bowl.

You can learn more about the accompanying recipe and its background here.

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Nairobi's Dialogue

In July 2021, Farm Africa independently convened a dialogue exploring the theme of GAPS, OPPORTUNITIES AND BARRIERS IN FOOD LOSS AND WASTAGE IN KENYA’S FOOD SYSTEMS. The dialogue hosted participants from diverse stakeholder groups to explore food loss and wastage in Kenya’s food systems. The expected outcome of the dialogue was to ignite conversations at different levels of governance from the grassroots to policy that critically looks at food loss and food wastage prevention as a mechanism for the country’s food security. 


The hierarchy of solutions to address food loss and waste includes reducing instances where operations and practices are adopted to reduce food waste generation; ensuring recovering food waste through value addition and conversion of by products to other food products eg animal feeds; recycling of food waste to generate green energy (natural renewable gas) and other products like organic fertilisers. All these practices will lead to a circular economy when we reduce and convert food waste.


A full write-up of the dialogue is available here.