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Different Parts 

**Before doing this activity we suggest you take a look at the "Different Dimensions of Reality" diagram & explanation and the Welcoming Ghosts activity**

1. As a team, choose one of the interactions that was shared in the ‘Welcoming ghosts’ activity.

2. Look at the map of the different people and consider what are the various roles played by those people?

3. Give each of those roles a name e.g champion, critic, motivator, whatever seems right.

4. Now think about figures that are present in the atmosphere, this might be historical events, mythical figures, people who are talked about but are not present. These are ghosts.

5. Choose the 4 or 5 most interesting or mysterious roles and / or ghosts that were present in the interaction.

6. Make a puppet for each of them. You can use whatever you find laying around. Each person in the team should play a different puppet.

7. Now for 5 minutes get all the puppets to talk to each other, what would they say? How would they say it? Have fun and ask each other questions. For example, what would the ghost of colonialism say to the activist?

8. Now each person should take a different puppet and experiment being that role or ghost for 5 minutes, repeat as often as you like.

9. Now write down or discuss any insights you have had and take them with you for the rest of the journey.


10. If you want to do this activity with a different interaction that came up in the ‘Welcoming ghosts’ activity, go for it!



This activity will allow you to put yourself in different positions. This will help you listen to one another with more empathy.

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