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Dancing Ghosts

**Before doing this activity we suggest you take a look at the "Different Dimensions of Reality"**


1. Facilitator introduces the concept of 'ghosts':


Emotions tend to rise from ghosts. With 'ghosts' we are referring to those things, people, ideas, that are not physically there but that influence how you and other people respond to situations. They can influence responses in any way positive or negative.


2. Ask participants to get a pen and paper, to think about a ghost that might be present in the dialogue and to draw it out.

3. Put participants in breakout groups and ask them to try and guess the ghost that each other's drawings represent. After some time guessing, each person should tell the others who the ghost is and why they think it will be present in the process.

4. You can act out your own ghosts, the other people in the group will ask the person acting things to get to know the ghost more. See what you can all learn from interacting in this way!


5. Bring people back to the main group and ask them to share what they learned.



 Talking about ghosts is not alway comfortable, asking people to draw them and then guess each other can be a lighthearted way to bring them up.  Also, by asking people to draw them you can support them to think in more detail about their ghost and to better understand it. Better understanding it can help them know how to interact with it. 



 In the Community of practice we took a picture of all of us with our respective ghosts!

Screenshot 2021-03-10 at 14.01.49.png
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