COP 26:  Global Fork to Farm Dialogue
 A Day Without Speeches


The Global Fork to Farm Dialogue - A Day Without Speeches, will bring together 100 local government representatives with 100 practicing farmers.


During a day without speeches – one of roundtable discussions, facilitated learning, and frank exchange – participants will bring food systems close to the climate negotiations. They will build the mutual understanding and cooperation necessary to ensure that the road from Glasgow to the Paris Agreement goals passes through a farm gate.

In November COP26 will face the monumental challenge of bridging the gap between countries’ current climate commitments and the transformation that is urgently needed to tackle our climate emergency. This cannot be done without addressing the role of food systems and critical local actors: Food producers and local governments.

The meeting of different people from across the world to make connections and find common ground will allow for the generation of new insights, lead to practical future cooperation through new partnerships, governance, and business models, and contribute to the tangible foundations of a food systems transformation.

On 5th November, the Global Dialogue brought together food producers, local municipalities and sustainable food initiatives to explore how to transform food systems for climate resilience and mitigation. 

There was much learning across the dialogues in different contexts and a number of themes and recommendations emerged.  Read the key messages from the day here: 



Due to the ongoing uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the global dialogue will likely take place in a hybrid format. Whilst we are committed to ensuring an in-person event to the full extent that pandemic measures allow, participants unable to travel to Glasgow may also virtually contribute and benefit from the dialogue. This also allows participation from those who would be otherwise unable to, due to financial, scheduling, or other barriers.

The Global Fork to Farm dialogue is structured on lessons learnt from the Local Fork to Farm Dialogues, which have been taking place this past year across four continents and more than 20 communities. It will ensure an equitable balance on gender, age, and geography. Voices from the global South and Indigenous cultures will take centre stage . The dialogue will provide an opportunity for a diversity of people to listen and share perspectives on food and the climate. This is an opportunity for food system actors to build trust and energise local action globally for a just food and climate transition.