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Appreciating What's Around Us


It is easy to get stuck in our heads when we are facing a challenging situation. Looking around us and thinking in a different way can help us find ways forward that we never imagined!


1. Facilitator asks participants to think about their Fork to Farm Dialogue:  take a couple of minutes and notice your main concern or question about your dialogue. Write this down and put it aside.

2. Facilitator asks participants to switch their camera off for 3 mins and take in their surroundings, moving if they would like to. Take things in, until something captures your attention. Take a picture, photograph it or bring it with you and turn your camera back on.

3.  Facilitator puts people into breakout groups, and asks them to say what they found and why it grabbed their attention. Then everyone looks back at the question or concern you wrote down:


Imagine that the thing that got your attention will help you solve the concern / issue / question. How will it help you do that?


Be curious, trust your intuition, gut feeling, instinct, however crazy, and share with your group. 

4. Facilitator brings back everyone to the main group to share any learning.

5. Facilitator debriefs: with this activity we an see how everything is an asset, the assets you have inside yourself, the irrational thoughts, intuitions, crazy ideas can be really useful and believing in yourself and that you are the perfect person for this task is really important - not in the sense of being the one with all the answers but the one who is curious about what is happening.

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