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The Fork to Farm Dialogues at COP26

In November 2021, COP26 in Glasgow will face the monumental task of bridging the gap between countries’ current climate commitments and the significant transformation needed to tackle the climate emergency. This cannot be done without food, farmers and local governments.

The Fork to Farm Global dialogue at COP26 and the year-long local dialogues bring the voices of farmers and local communities close to the negotiations and aim to ensure that the road from Glasgow to Paris goes through the farm gate 


Our aims for COP26

The Global Fork to Farm Dialogue and exhibition at COP26 aims to build a global social movement for local-led radical change. 


We grasp COP26 as an opportunity to form and strengthen relationships, make visible the voices of farmers and local government, overcome deeply held barriers and energise (local) action for healthy and just food systems.

Join the movement

The Fork to Farm dialogues will present diverse narratives and stories of collaboration and dialogue between farmers and cities at COP26. 

A Global Fork to Farm dialogue will bring together city representatives and farmers from around the world for a day without speeches but with space to listen and share genuine conversations around food systems and climate.


In Glasgow, and virtually, a colourful and interactive exhibition will tell stories about the diversity of food, farming systems and local collaboration in the context of climate change.

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