Fork to Farm Dialogues

Building local relationships for healthy and resilient food systems 

Local Dialogues Map

As the dialogues take place you will be able to click on the map locations below to find out more. Meanwhile, take a look at the list of links below to see which dialogues already have stories to share!

Why Dialogues?

Worldwide, policies to meet ambitious targets on food security, health, climate change and biodiversity are being translated into local actions by cities, regions and other local actors. Many of these directly target or impact food systems. This means that they are also likely to have significant impacts on the food producers who feed the world. Right now, many farmers struggle to make ends meet and some are already experiencing the consequences of nature loss and climate change, to which food systems and urban demand contribute.


A just transition in food and farming is needed for both cities and farmers where:


Cities refer to a variety of settlements including villages, towns, rural municipalities, large cities and other sub-national authorities like county, council and provincial governments.


Farmers refer to people who are primary food producers including people engaged in agriculture, livestock raising, fishing, pastoralism and forestry. 


Just transition refers to a transition to healthier food systems that secure sustainable food for cities and sustainable futures for farmers.  


To date, the voices of farmers have often been absent in food systems and food policy discussions. This is why we are organising the Fork to Farm dialogues.


The dialogues are about farmers and cities being the drivers, rather than the objects, of transformation. For this to happen it is necessary to strengthen trust between farmers and cities.  


Image by GreenForce Staffing
Dialogue Map No Locations.png

Maps structure the ideas we have of the world. We have chosen to present ours like this to challenge 'North'/'South' connotations and help us open ourselves to multiple ways of knowing and seeing the world.  

iDE - Bangladesh

Krisoker Sor - Bangladesh

Lokale klimaatdialogen, Rikolto - Belgium

Escuchándonos, Manabí & Quito - Ecuador

RUAF, Bristol - England

Sustain, London dialogue - England

Farm Africa - Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania

Samdhana - Indonesia

Samdhana - Phillipines

IIED - Kenya

Agrofloresta Mesoamericana - Mexico 

Colectivo Amasijo - Mexico

Mobilizing for Just Transition in Food and Farming in Oyo State, African Youth in Sustainable Agriculture and Ecological Restoration Initiative - Nigeria

FFCC - Northern Ireland & Wales

Fork to Farm Southwest, Propagate and G&SA Biosphere, Scotland

Greener Melrose - Scotland

University of Johannesburg - South Africa